The Gospel

In the beginning, God created all things for His glory. The pinnacle of His creation was that of man by which He created in His own image. Man rebelled and turned aside from God’s plan of obedience and communion with Him, instead wanting to be his own god. Man became separated from the righteousness of God, and came under God’s judgment of sin; but God loved despite man’s sin and enacted His plan to rescue sinful man. At just the right time, God stepped down into humanity perfectly fulfilling the OT that pointed to Him, in the God-Man Christ Jesus. Born of a virgin, Jesus lived the life we could never live (sinless), and then died the death that our sin punishment demanded. He rose from the dead and ascended on high with the promise to one day return. Our response to the risen Jesus must be that of belief: this means turning from your sin in repentance and placing your faith by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone for salvation. A true living faith in Jesus will produce works and the fruit of the Spirit; this is a faith that constrains the disciple to follow Jesus all of his days. Those who have embraced through faith the King, will spend all of eternity in the kingdom with our Creator King!